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The Galapagos Explorer II is a luxury vessel that accommodates100 guestes in diferent suite categories; ideal for families, small and large groups and available for charters.


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A luxury ship in this natural paradise

The M/V Galapagos Explorer II is different from other ships because we offer a fascinating mix of sustainable tourism activities related to adventure, wildlife discovery, interpretation and geology of the islands aboard a luxurious vessel that will the service that you expect.

Our ship docks at the most remote islands of the archipelago and it is one of the safest vessels navigating the Galapagos waters.

Our programs include all the visits and excursions to the selected places in the islands; we cater the best itineraries for you to enjoy the wildlife in these remote areas. All the excursions to the islands are led and guided by certified bilingual naturalist guides category 3. During your time staying and cruising with the Galapagos Explorer we offer unique and creative social activities such as King Neptune’s party and the Pirates’ party, a way to celebrate every time we cross the Equatorial line.

In our 3, 4 and 7 night cruises our guests are accommodated in classical well decorated suites with ocean views, some of them feature private balconies. Each suite is equipped with a television, mini-bar, satellite communications and a central air conditioning system that covers all the interior areas. These facilities will allow you to learn more about Galapagos in less time.
You will have a wonderful experience as you come in direct contact with the flora and fauna and enjoy the diverse activities on the islands and on board with our bilingual Ecuadorian staff who will be glad to satisfy all your needs.

Enjoy views of the islands from the lounge and bar areas on the main deck of the Galapagos Explorer II. Relaxing in the ship's library, you can read books about the islands and their natural history, extensive maps and charts, contemporary literature, and an extensive collection of the classics. The library also houses the video collection for you to watch in your cabin.

The kitchen on-board creates exciting selections three meals a day. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style and offer both local in international dishes. A more upscale seated a la cart dinner is served every night in the dining room.




  • Type: Ocean going cruise ship
  • Year: 1990
  • Category: Deluxe
  • Capacity: 100 passengers
  • L.O.A.: 293.14 feet
  • Beam: 50.49 feet
  • Draft: 13.23 feet
  • Gross Tons: 4077 tons
  • Cruising Speed: 17 knots
  • Engines: Main and auxiliary Engines B&W
  • Electronic Equipment: Radar Furuno FR-1510 Mark III, Radar Arpa Furuno FR-2125, Navtrac GPS, Shipmate Sat. Navigator, Echo sounder Simrad, Giro Compass Anschuts, fire alarm Salwico, GMDSS Raytheon Radio, Sat. phone Trane and Trane.
  • Certificate of safety and navigation: ISM Certificate, SOLAS Passenger Certificate, Load Line, Marpol (prevention of pollution), Classification RINA (Registro Italiano Navale).

The M/V Galapagos Explorer II has been designed to offer comfort and scientific information to the 100 passengers that visit the Galapagos National Park. The vessel is designed to provide interesting itineraries offering the best of this pristine paradise.

Expert naturalist guides will promote an educational environment during the cruise, focusing on the Natural History of Galapagos.

Luxury accomodations

The Galapagos Explorer II is a superb ship that offers only suites.
Our suites have an average of 250sqft/ 20m² and they are comfortable yet harmonious with the surroundings.

We offer four categories of suites:
Renaissance Balcony, Renaissance Panoramic, Deluxe Balcony, Premium, and Classic; each one displays a classic and elegant decor.
During your cruise you will enjoy the best comfort and service.




Our front desk personnel will welcome you and assist you with any special needs to make your stay more enjoyable.





Available during the day, our library offers a wide selection of natural history literature, pocket books, magazines, scientific reports and children’s books.




Restaurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizers)

We offer breakfast and lunch buffets and for dinner we offer a variety of dishes (you can choose from two entrees and two vegetarian options): Dinner onboard the Galapagos Explorer II is casual and there is no need for advanced reservations. We serve Ecuadorian and international cuisine; special diets can also be prepared.



Main Lounge- Area for Conferences and meetings

During the cruise we offer daily briefings to inform passengers of the next day’s excursion. There are also conferences regarding culture, natural history and science given by our naturalist guides.




Jacuzzi - Bar

To enjoy the charms of this archipelago we have two Jacuzzis each with a capacity for six people located on the Erickson Deck.





Galapagos is a place that should be experienced to the fullest, that is why all the exterior areas allow you to appreciate panoramic views of the islands. We have reclining chairs and a station offering tea, coffee, chocolates, cookies and water. Weather conditions permitting, it becomes the ideal spot for star gazing at night (December to April).



Medical Assistance Center

The center is equipped to assist our passengers in case of an emergency or in case of a minor accident onboard or on the islands. A certified doctor is available twenty four hours a day.




Navigation Bridge

The Galapagos Explorer II is at the forefront of marine technology. Visits to the navigation bridge (located on the Marco Polo Deck) can be scheduled. The visiting hours will be published in the daily program.



Coffee / Tea Station — 24-hour cafeteria

At the cafeteria you can enjoy coffee and tea 24/7. The coffee service, hot and cold beverages and snacks are available for passengers each time they arrive from the excursions alowing unforgetable memories for your heart and for your soul.


Naturalist Program

A program designed for the eco-tourist that is interested in the different research projects developed by several organizations. On board the Galapagos Explorer II you will find a “Research log”, where naturalist guides record unique events regarding the marine and land life of the islands.

Games Area

In the club area you can find table games for kids and adults, our personnel is in charge of coordinating special activities during the cruise, often with recycled or natural materials.

Massage Room

At our massage room we offer a wide array of treatments: Reflexology massage, Swedish massage, crystal massage, aromatherapy massage and REIKI with aromatherapy.

Electronic Elevator

For your convenience we have an electronic elevator available to our guests on all decks.


Part of the experience of being onboard the Galapagos Explorer II is sharing our Ecuadorian culture, that is why we have prepared several onboard activities (not all of them are available on each cruise, please contact the public relations officer for availability):

During the day:

Cocktail Classes:
Our creative bartenders will teach you, step by step, how to prepare delicious cocktails in the elegant bar aboard the Galapagos Explorer II.

Conferences about the islands:

Our guides, who are certified by the Galapagos National Park, will share all their knowledge about the islands’ natural history, wild life, vegetation and geology.

Naturalist program:

On board the Galapagos Explorer II you will find a “Research Log book” a book where the naturalist guides register unique events of the marine and land life of the islands. You can also find literature about Galapagos’ natural history.

Spanish lessons:

During your trip you can learn basic Spanish that will allow you to communicate with our crew and with the inhabitants of the Galapagos.

Towel Folding:

A fun and creative activity is learning towel folding techniques. Our personnel will show you how to create the beautiful puppies and island birds that you will find everyday in your room.

Ecuadorian Chocolate making:

Cocoa is known in Ecuador as “The Golden Bean” due to its exquisite flavor and quality. There’s an exhibition on the history of Cocoa in Ecuador and you can taste the different and unique varieties of cocoa that exist in our country.This is a joint program with Corpei (Corporación de Promoción de la Exportación e Inversión)

Whale watching:

It’s always worthwhile to be alert for whale sightings while traveling from island to island. However, Isabela’s northwest coast (where we sail to on Mondays) is the best place for seeing these mammals. Whale watching season: June to September.

At night:

Karaoke nights:
You can relax in our bar and sing any of our more than 1500 songs in different languages.

Theme Parties:

During your stay you will participate in a wonderful celebration while crossing the equator: The Pirate Attack party takes place once during the cruise. These original parties have been created by the Galapagos Explorer II staff.


The Galapagos offer cloudless skies most of the year making this activity an unforgettable experience. The crew offers conferences with audiovisual aids for stargazing. (Best time for stargazing: December to April).

Briefing for the next day’s activities:

Since Galapagos offers cloudless skies most part of the year, and making this a unforgettable experience. The crew offers at night an interpretation conference with the support of audiovisual media that increases the possibilities of star gazing (available from December to April).

Briefing for next days activities :

Before dinner our coordinator guide will give you information regarding the activities planned for the following day. Information includes, what to wear, type of terrain, weather, species to look at, etc.

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